"Crazy Carl" Eckhold lives in Albany, Oregon, in the heart of
Oregon's Willamette Valley, wintering home of 1/3 of a million
geese. He worked during the 2003-2004 goose season as a guide
for Cochran and Smith Guide Service, calling Cacklers, Lessers,
Taverners, and Honkers, and was employed painting goose
decoys for Dave Smith Decoys.  Carl was the 2004 Oregon State
Goose calling champion, and placed 2nd in the 2005 Oregon
State Goose. He also took first place in the Novice Goose at the
2004 Washington Waterfowl Festival, and placed in the top 6 in
the Open Goose there. He placed in the top 6 in the 2004 Salem
Oregon Sportsman's Warehouse Open, and 5th in the Oregon
State Goose Calling Contest in 2003.
Dan Mallia,  hails from Willows California, in the heart of the
Pacific Flyway Wintering Grounds.

His father instilled in Dan a waterfowling passion from an early
age. Little did Fred know the monster he'd create.

Dan spends his falls and winters chasing Ducks and Geese from
the Klamath Basin to the Sacramento Valley, spending 50-60
days in the field.  Dan's favorite birds to hunt are Mallards and
Specks but just loves hunting waterfowl, wherever and
whatever.  Dan is also on the Advisory Team for Dave Smith
Decoys, and ProStaffs for Mossey Oak . When he's not in the
field Dan works for the U.S. Forest Service as a Captain on the
Redding Hotshot Crew battling blazes across the United States.
Dave Dorrell killed his first Canada Goose 42 years ago along
the banks of the Klamath River, in South Central Oregon. On
that day was born an obsession with geese, and goose hunting
that has only grown stronger over the years. As the seasons past,
Dave began a quest for goose calls that were much more goose.
He spent hundreds of dollars searching through calls, looking
for ones both realistic sounding, but at the same time were not
so hard to blow. Frustrated with what was on the market, he
began to experiment with call tuning and modifying. His
creations were loud, realistic, and easy to blow and master.  
Urged on by friends to market his ideas, he and partner Terry
Embertson created Basin Abomination Goose Calls. After 4 very
successful  years designing, tuning, marketing, and selling for  
B.A., Dave decided it was time to move out on his own. And so,
with the help of his wife Anna, and his daughter, and hunting
partner Hope, Basin Waterfowl Calls was born...
Carl Eckhold
Dan Mallia
Abel A. Cortina, is from Prosser, Washington.

He started waterfowling at the age of 9, and has become a total
duck and goose hunting addict, hunting very competitive public
lands of Eastern Washington. Abel started guiding a few years
ago for a very well known outfitter in Washington State, and
has also given clinics on how to properly operate a duck call,
and how to call ducks.  He hunts roughly 60-70 days of the 107
day season.
Abel started Competitive Duck Calling in 2001, and claiming
these titles:2005 Arizona State Duck Calling Champion
2003 World Duck Calling Championship 16th place
(first time at the Worlds)
2003 Washington State Duck Calling Champion
2003 Pacific Flyway Regional Open Duck Champion
2002 Pacific Flyway Regional Open Duck Champion
2002 Washington State Duck Calling Championship 2nd place
2001 Washington State Duck Calling Championship 3rd place.
Mickey Culver has been hunting since before he could walk.
Ever since his Dad first took him along  he has learned the art
that it takes to become a successful hunter. Mickey developed a
love for waterfowl hunting at the age of 10, when he and his
Dad would hunt Oregon's Willamette Valley. He has hunted
just about every corner of Oregon for Waterfowl in the past 15
years, and is an accomplished contest caller with a flair for the
meat duck and 2 man duck competitions. Mickey has 4 wins,
including the "2008 Snake River Open Meat Duck", and the
"2008 Oregon 2 Man Marsh Duck",  and 17 other top 5
finishes.  With a passion for the annual waterfowl migration,
and unforgettable sunrises, Mickey has made waterfowl
hunting  a way of life.
Brian Hall is from Dallas Texas.  Brian grew up hunting the
heavily pressured public lakes in North Texas and now guides
for Stanfield Outfitters in Knox City. The peanut and wheat
fields in the area often hold up to one million dark geese, with
just as many ducks during wet years and a growing snow goose

During the off season Brian enjoys competing in duck and
goose calling contests. Winning the World Snow Goose
Championship in 2005 and The Katy Goose Calling Challenge
in 2003 have been the highlights of his calling career so far.  
Brian is also on the Avery Outdoors Prostaff and can be found
at hunting shows throughout the Southwest.
Brian Hall
Mike McVey lives in Northern California, the “Heart” of the
Pacific Flyway. He is one of five waterfowl guides federally
permitted to operate on the Lower Klamath and Tule Lake
National Wildlife Refuges. Mike starts each season in Canada,
and ends it in Northern California.
He is forty two years old, and started  waterfowling at the age
of thirteen. Growing up in Northern California allowed him
an incredible opportunity to learn his trade, on many public
state and federal refuges, as well as a variety of private clubs.
His passion for waterfowling led him to seek and obtain a
degree in wildlife management from Cal State University,
Chico. While there, he as often hunting the state and federal
areas as well as guiding on some of the premier clubs in the
valley. After college Mike took a job with the California
Department of Fish and Game, where He is presently employed
as an assistant manager on a forty-seven hundred acre refuge.
Mike McVey
Abel Cortina
The first time Randy went waterfowl hunting was with his Dad
at age 7. He knew he was hooked, and it has been a passion for
the past 40 years. You could probably say it has controlled his
life to an extent. He planned his wedding and the birth of his
son around duck season, and has even lost a couple of jobs
because of it.

Grizzly Island Wildlife Area in the Suisun Marsh, Sacramento
Valley, and the Lower Klamath NWR of California is where
Randy did most of his hunting while growing up.  As He got
older, Randy started to venture into other places, and has been
fortunate enough to have hunted from Alberta, Canada all the
way down to the central valley of California.
Randy has guided a bit, but prefers to hunt with family and
friends. Its more fun, and that’s what hunting is all about. His
favorite thing to do is to help teach, and pass on the tradition
of hunting to the younger generation.
Randy Ladd
Shawn Howe
Shawn Howe has  lived in Klamath County and the Klamath
Basin most of his life.

He turned his obsession for  waterfowl into Howe’s Guide
service 9 years ago, and it has developed into one of the
premier waterfowl guide services in the Klamath Basin of
Southern Oregon.

Shawn often times spends his spring and summers fishing on
the Upper Klamath Lake.  

His life revolves around his wife, daughter and 2 sons and most
often you’ll find them out enjoying the outdoor life together.
David Gerhart lives in SE Texas,  close to all the great
waterfowling in that area. He killed his first duck 40 years
ago at the age of nine years old. From that point on
waterfowling took over just about any goal he had ever had in
mind. David has been married for 23 yrs to fabulous wife,
Lisa, who has supported & encouraged him in his obsession
with Duck & Goose hunting. He is blessed with 2 great
children who also hunt with him. He went as far as to name
his girl Teal. During his years afield, he has became fanatical
about chasing Snow geese. David guided & also ran his own  
outfit for 20+ years till getting out a couple of years ago. Now
he hunts for fun with family & friends. He really loves to get
new people in the sport & see their eyes light up when they
see the sights & sounds of waterfowling.
Shawn Brown hails from Coos Bay, OR. Growing up in the
southwest desert, he began hunting the Colorado River,
Havasu NWR, Cibola NWR,  and the Salton Sea of the
southern most California desert, where waterfowl hunting
can be quite difficult.

Shawn relocated to Oregon in the early 90's, where he started
a new chapter in his waterfowling life.  Instead of desert, he
now chases bird's along the beautiful Oregon coast and the
Willamette Valley, chasing the Aleutian Goose, Honkers,
Mallards, and the elusive Eurasian Wigeon.

Waterfowl season never stop's for Shawn,  as he studies
waterfowl habitat and behavior during the off season, and
pursues them relentlessly with the camera and binoculars..