This is one awesome call. It is truly an easy to blow, easy to learn speck call. You
don't have to blow your lungs out to make it work, or be a professional caller to
kill geese. It has a very realistic sound, with just enough of the natural buzz that a
specks voice has. Not thin and tinny, or low and hollow, it is dead on speck. It will
go quiet, and it will reach out, and do both very well. The RIcer is a machined and
polished all Acrylic goose call, held together with a double oring seal, so you
don't have to worry about it coming apart in the field. Each call is tuned by hand
to be easy to blow, and to sound just like a speck, so now, you can too.

Comes with An Instructional CD
Black Ricer
Black n Oak Pearl Ricer
Black n Smoke Ricer
Replacement Reed Sets
$5.00 each
Black n Cherry Pearl