Dave Dorrell killed his first Canada Goose 46 years ago along
the banks of the Klamath River, in South Central Oregon. On
that day was born an obsession with geese, and goose hunting
that has only grown stronger over the years. As the seasons past,
Dave began a quest for goose calls that were much more goose.
He spent hundreds of dollars searching through calls, looking
for ones both realistic sounding, but at the same time were not
so hard to blow. Frustrated with what was on the market, he
began to experiment with call tuning and modifying. His
creations were loud, realistic, and easy to blow and master.  
In June 2003, Urged on by friends to market his ideas, he and partner Terry
Embertson created Basin Abomination Goose Calls. After 4 very
successful  years designing, tuning, marketing, and selling for  
B.A., Dave decided it was time to move out on his own. And so,
in April 2007, with the help of his wife Anna, and his daughter, and hunting
partner Hope, Basin Waterfowl Calls was born…

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