Call Retuning

We offer re-tune and repair service for both Basin Waterfowl Calls and Basin Abomination Goose calls.

The Cost of Retuning and Re-Reeding a call, including new guts if necessary, is $20.00,  shipping included.

Other repairs are on a case by case basis, depending on the extent of damage.

Make sure to include your phone number and/or email address, along with a note explaining what you would like done to the call.

Please do not send your call back without including payment in the box.

Guts are only sold as part of a call repair.

Sorry, we don’t sell reeds or guts in bulk.

Send your calls to be re-tuned or repaired to:

Basin Waterfowl Calls

16340 Lower Harbor Rd Suite 1, Box 25

Brookings, OR 97415