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Time for Spring Goose Seasons

Time again to chase the Spring Geese, Snows, Specks and Canadas, depending on your area! And just in time for Spring Snows, the Ivory/BluePearl Whitedevil is back in stock now !!!!!

Order Turn Around Times

Order Turn Around Time will be running about 1 to 2 weeks, from Time you place your Order, till the time of your Orders Shipment. It may be sooner than that, but it may also take that long, depending on backlog at the time of your order. Just giving everyone a heads up that the

Retune Season is Here!

Waterfowl Seasons are just around the corner, so now is the time to send in your out of tune calls, and calls that need new guts and or reeds to get fixed up in time for opening day!!!!!

Almost there.

Got er all fleshed out. Call pics, Videos, and sound bites on the pages. A few classic old pictures added of the special people in our history. Even selling calls through it already. Now I gotta get back to work making them lol.


After many nights of struggle and false starts, I think I am kinda starting to like this WordPress thing…..taking shape it is, and best of all, it works !

Welcome To the New Basin Calls Website

Apparently Yahoo decided my old website wasnt good enough anymore, so they have twisted my arm to build this new one. Not what I wanted to do right now, (I really liked my old website), but ya gotta do, what ya gotta do. So, please be patient, cuz this thing is going to go through