the BigShot Canada Call

Finally, a short reed style Canada Goose call, that will sound like a goose. This is a call for killing geese, plain and simple.

The “Big Shot” won’t sound mushy, or flat, like so many of the other “easy to blow calls” in the market do, this call will give crisp high notes, with the sharp cracking break over normally associated with stiffer, hard to blow short reeds, but still get deep and nasty for the low end ground talk. And best of all, this call is easy to master, and will not leave you gasping for air after the first flock of the day.

The “Big Shot” is a quality all Machined Cast Acrylic Goose Call, held together by a double oring seal.

Access Code for Online Calling Instructions Included

Listen to the BigShot Canada Goose Call