the Speck Crusher Specklebelly Goose Call

The Basin Speck Crusher is the newest member to the Basin  Calls family.

The Crusher was born out of the demand for an even more realistic, higher performance Speck call, able to do competition style calling, but still retaining the ability to call geese like never before. This calls realism is amazing. It is pure Specklebelly Goose. Plain and Simple. Extremely versatile,  it can be blown in both the southern whistling style of
calling, or the west coast grunt style.

The Crusher is available tuned high pitched, or tuned low pitched, depending on your preference.

Access Code for Online Calling Instructions Included

the SpeckCrusher Specklebelly Goose Call        $175.00 plus $10.50 Shipping

$175.00 plus $9.50 Shipping

Speck Crusher High Pitch Example 1
Speck Crusher High Pitch Example 2
Speck Crusher Low Pitch Example 1
Speck Crusher Low Pitch Example 2